Album To Check Out: Beck – Morning Phase

beckThe artist known as Beck doesn’t need much introduction. One of the more prominent artist of the alt-movement of the 90s, you should at least be familiar by his breakthrough underdog anthem Loser and by his landmark record Odelay. With over ten studio albums spread through over a decade, Beck’s music and presence has been influential for both listeners and younger artists.

The thing with Beck is that he has always been classified as having two styles. There’s that funky, hip-hop and R&B sampling Beck with records such as Midnite Vultures and Odelay. This is the fun Beck, who both pioneered different music styles and submerges into different genres. And then there’s the sad-sack folk-leaning Beck, back when he was part of the anti-folk movement and with his exceptional record Sea Change. Both camps are different enough that Beck has some fans preferring one over the other, though both are still great in their own right.

With his newest record Morning Phase (and first in six years, not counting his sheet music “album” Song Reader), we are getting the sad-sack folk-leaning Beck, to the delight of fans of that camp. Morning Phase is very much a sequel to Sea Change. Over beautiful orchestral strings, we hear the strums of Beck’s guitars as he reminisces and contemplates. A moody record set beautifully, Morning Phase is pleasant in the best way possible as the perfect companion for those lonely afternoons of thought.

Fans of funky Beck need not fear though. He has promised two records this year. So we should be privy to Beck‘s fun phase sooner than we thought.

Check out the audio for single Waking Light embedded below.

Beck – Morning Phase comes out 2/25 via Capitol (order here)



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