Album To Check Out: Death Vessel – Island Intervals

deathvesselBand names are deceiving. Take the name Death Vessel. If you didn’t know anything about the band, you would think Death Vessel is a hardcore heavy metal band. But no, not even close. Death Vessel is the project of Joel Thibodeau, born in Germany and who grew up around the New England area. Instead of frightening metal sludge, Death Vessel actually makes beautiful, floaty folk music. Thibodeau’s voice instead of being a very raspy hock, is one that is very high and sweet, atypical for a male soprano. The result is songs that are bright and will have you feeling like you are floating on the clouds.

Death Vessel‘s third and newest record, Island Intervals finds a lush sweet spot built on Thibodeau’s previous experiences. It was born out of an invite from Riceboy Sleeps partners Alex Somers and Sigur Ros leadman Jonsi to record an album in Iceland. The invitation makes a whole lot of sense. Thibodeau’s high vocals very much feels right at home at a Sigur Ros album. As produced by Somers and with Jonsi guesting on a track, Island Intervals is Death Vessel at it’s most expansive and heavenly.

Watch the video for single Mercury Dime embedded below.

Death Vessel – Island Intervals comes out 2/25 via Subpop (order here).



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