Band Discovery: Sam Smith

sam-smithOne of the bigger breakout hits from a pretty awesome 2013 music year is the UK-based DJ producer tandem of Disclosure with their crowd-pleasing record Settle. The infectious beats of the songs in the album was a revival of the classic garage house music scene. As the brothers don’t sing, they gathered together a bunch of acts to do guest vocals on their tracks. One of the highlights of Settle and one of its first breakthrough songs was the single Latch. In it, the then-twenty year old British singer Sam Smith rises above and conquers over the pop beats of Disclosure, making it one of Settle‘s more pleasurable spins. Upon first listen, you can already tell that this boy is full of soul.

Building upon that impactful guest-turn, Sam Smith has steadily built up his resume. He followed up Latch with another Disclosure collaboration, this time with the more sweetly smooth Lay Me Down. He also debuted his EP Nirvana, whose two singles Safe With Me and Nirvana have steadily risen through the UK charts. More impressively, he has won the prestigious BBC Sound of 2014, whose previous winners include luminaries such as Adele, Ellie Goulding, and Haim.

Sam Smith is planning his debut full-length In the Lonely Hour, which should be out by May of this year. In the meantime, keep an eye out for this guy. Smith is a star in the making whose time is about to shine.

Watch the video for single Money on My Mind embedded below.


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