Album To Check Out: Sisyphus – Sisyphus

sisyphusIn Greek mythology, Sisyphus was the name of a king punished by the gods to eternally and futilely roll up a boulder up a hill, signifying constant and unceasing failure. In modern music mythology though, Sisyphus is the name of the superstar hip-hop group composed of Sufjan Stevens, Son Lux, and Serengeti. With a group composed of such luminary and ground-breaking artists, it is hard to imagine failure with this group.

Originally naming themselves S/S/S (in reference to their initials), the trio decided to change their name to Sisyphus partly because S/S/S sounds too “Nazi-like” and partly in inspiration and tribute to New York-based installation artist Jim Hodges who designed the their self-titled debut album cover.

With such a diverse set of skills and a contrasting set of backgrounds at hand, it was interesting to see how the trio would go about producing their music. The result is exactly as you would imagine. Sisyphus‘s music is a combination of the idiosyncratic melodies of Sufjan Stevens, the experimental beats of Son Lux, and the laid-back rhymes of Serengeti. The great thing is, these diverse skills ended up working so well, as their backgrounds converged to a harmonious middle. If you were a fan of any one of the three, you will easily find plenty to like with this collaborative output.

Sisyphus – Sisyphus comes out 3/18 via Asthmatic Kitty (order here)

Listen to single Rhythm of Devotion embedded below.



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