Album To Check Out: Lyla Foy – Mirrors The Sky

Lyla Foy Artist Photo Photo Credit: Veanne TsuiBefore she started recording under her own name, 25-year old UK singer-songwriter Lyla Foy used to release her songs under the moniker WALL. Under the minimal tinklings of synth keys, Foy softly and warmly sings soothing songs of comfort. It is quite beautiful music under the sparest of circumstance. Wall got quite a bit of attention from critics, from her Black Cab sessions to her cover of Karen Dalton‘s Something On Your Mind. This led to WALL’s release of her initial debut EP Shoestring.

Well, time can only bring about more confidence.  For Lyla Foy has decided to let her wall figuratively and literally come down. Foy is releasing her debut full-length record Mirrors The Sky under her own name. Ironically, it is when she starting using her own name that Foy’s recorded output started becoming more of a collaborative effort. Now with a full band and under the recordings of a full studio, Mirrors The Sky is a more complete version of WALL. Still, beneath all the sheen, it is the same Lyla Foy behind the music. The synths may be louder  and more nuanced, but it is the same warm soothing voice underneath that defines her songs.

Check out the video for first single Feather Tongue embedded below.

Lyla Foy – Mirrors The Sky comes out 3/18 via Subpop (order here)



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