Album To Check Out: Future Islands – Singles

futureislandsIf you have only been a casual music fan, then you may have only been recently aware of Baltimore band Future Islands. You see, the band recently performed as a guest for David Letterman on Late Show for its first single Seasons (Waiting On You), and well, the performance has taken life for itself as a meme. Take a look for yourself.

Needless to say, whether you found the performance hilarious or mesmerizing, you can’t deny the earnestness and effort that lead singer Samuel Herring put into the performance. I, for one, love it and admire the passion that Herring admonishes into the song. I actually have been aware of Future Islands for a while now and have always enjoyed the moody synth pop tunes that the trio have put out.  The Late Show performance only accelerated my admiration.

Whether by design or not though, that performance definitely puts the spotlight into the band just as their newest and fourth record Singles is coming out. And just in time too, for Singles just might be the band’s most pop and radio-friendly record yet. As its name implies, Singles is full of tracks that can be listened and enjoyed by themselves. Each and every moody song in the record is sonically and melodically ear-pleasing.

Now that the public is aware of their presence, Future Islands may just have the perfect record to make them stay and listen. I hope so, for this is a great album.

Watch the video for the second single after Seasons, A Dream Of You And Me, embedded below.

Future Islands – Singles comes out 3/25 via 4AD (order here)



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