Concert Gallery: Lorde @ Peabody Opera House

Lorde08Last night brought the way-sold out show of New Zealand teen sensation Lorde to St Louis as part of her first major US tour. With her singles Royals and Team easily topping the pop and alternative charts, Lorde has become a major bona-fide music superstar. As much as I love her songs, I thought it would be interesting to see how she would perform live, given her quick ascendance and young age, especially since she is now touring through major theaters and arenas.

Turns out I need not worry. Lorde may be all of seventeen in age, but she exudes all the majesty and confidence of someone beyond that on stage. Her voice is just phenomenal. Lorde may have used a couple of backing vocals during some of her songs, but her singing voice shines through – clear, precise, and powerful.

And when Lorde talked about the time she wrote about her song Ribs, about how she and her friends threw a party and how exciting it was to do an adult thing, but also how scary it was to be leaving the impulsiveness of youth behind – that was a beautiful thing. This is a girl who gets it. (She went to visit rock legend and St Louis native Chuck Berry the previous night after all).  Lorde knows she is growing up too fast, but she makes sure to treasure each and every moment for they go by so quickly. When she finally performed Ribs, I thought that was the most beautiful moment of a most wonderful night.

Violinist Lo-Fang opened the night to great impressions. Think of someone like Andrew Bird playing to the minimalist beats of Lorde, that’s Lo-Fang. The early crowd clearly and vocally loved him.

Browse pictures taken from the show embedded below, as well as a recording of Lorde performing Tennis Court.


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