Album To Check Out: Nickel Creek – A Dotted Line

nickelcreekIt has been a long time coming now. Ever since the wildly-popular bluegrass band Nickel Creek disbanded back in 2006, we have always been waiting for their reunion. After all, the band did name their final tour before their disbandment as the Farewell (For Now) Tour.

We always knew that siblings Sara and Sean Watkins and family friend Chris Thile were all vastly talented musicians in their own right. And we knew they were itching to strike out on their own after being with Nickel Creek for most of their career, especially since they started the band at such a young age (Sara, the oldest, was only twelve when the band formed in 1989). And strike out they did, each member successfully either carving out a solo career (Sara) or leading a band (Fiction Family with Sean and Punch Brothers with Chris). But in the end, we always knew they will be back together. It’s inevitable.

After eight long years, the wait is finally over. Nickel Creek finally got the band back together. And with a new record too. A Dotted Line is the band’s first record since 2005’s Why Should The Fire Die. As can be expected, the new album is a joyous, triumphant tromp through the band’s bluegrass roots. The time and experience away did the band good, as A Dotted Line is easily their most confident and most adventurous record to date. It also their most pop-worthy album yet, combining folky overtures with power-pop melodies among its tracks. Trading vocal leads and instrumental harmonies, we have Sara on fiddle, Sean on guitar, and Chris on mandolin – just the way it’s always meant to be.

Listen to first single Destination, embedded below.

Nickel Creek – A Dotted Line comes out 4/1 via Nonesuch (order here)



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