Album To Check Out: Cloud Nothings – Here And Nowhere Else

cloudnothingsIt has been quite a strange little journey for Cleveland resident Dylan Baldi and his band Cloud Nothings. When Baldi first started Cloud Nothings by himself, it was little more than an outlet for his solo garage-rock leanings.  While the band’s debut and self-titled followup were hidden garage-pop gems, it was not until Attack on Memory, Cloud Nothings‘ massive third effort that the band started to undergo a radical change. Completely focusing on a noisy punk sound, Attack on Memory is a large-scale punk record that comes full blast with emotion. The record firmly established Cloud Nothings as a punk band to be reckoned with and helped the band gain a name among critics and fans.

Now with their newest and fourth record Here And Nowhere Else coming out, it seems Cloud Nothings are comfortably settling into their groove. The record is a maturation and refinement of the sounds of Attack on Memory, and you can easily sense that Baldi and his band mates are becoming masters of their craft. Baldi has always the gift of combining the anger of punk and with a melody that is propulsively (and contrastingly) joyful. Here And Nowhere Else is full of tracks such as these. Fans of indie punk will find plenty to love again with Cloud Nothings.

Listen to first single and final track I’m Not Part of Me embedded below.

Cloud Nothings – Here And Nowhere Else comes out 4/1 via Carpark (order here)



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