Album To Check Out: EMA – The Future’s Void

ema_by_erika_andersonThe first I heard an EMA song, it was the wildly disconcerting California.  From the opening line of “Fuck California”, I was immediately intrigued. There’s a quiet rage bubbling within her song that bestows upon it great power. As carried upon her great under-looked debut record, Past Life Martyred Saints, the real-life Erika M. Anderson sings with an emotional intensity that brings with it all the feelings of hurt and spurn love and anger, that all these emotions just touches you. And it’s transcendent.

If Past Life Martyred Saints feels like an emotional kick to the gut, then EMA‘s newest record The Future’s Void, is more like a slow burning pain. The emotions don’t hit as hard initially, but they stay longer. The steady bites of The Future’s Void carry the same amount of intensity as only EMA can bring. Over the hardened melodic metallic riffs, you can feel EMA singing as if she’s pleading with her life. That’s true power.

EMA is coming to St Louis. She will be playing at Off Broadway on 5/1 (tickets here)

Watch the video for first single Satellites embedded below.

EMA – The Future’s Void comes out 4/8 via Matador (order here)



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