Album To Check Out: The Space Project

rsd2014-620x350This coming Saturday is officially the biggest holiday for record nerds everywhere. For on April 19, the 2014 version of Record Store Day is once again upon us. With a variety of rare record exclusives offered by labels and a whole day of parties and live shows staged by your neighborhood record store, Record Store Day has always been an amazing day for celebrating physical vinyl, celebrating local mom and pop shops, and celebrating music. As with previous years, I will be at my favorite St Louis record store, Vintage Vinyl, for a whole day of fun.

Out of all the many unique records offered for RSD 2014, one record immediately caught my attention. It is a compilation put out by Lefse Records called The Space Project. A compilation of songs by 14 acclaimed indie bands, The Space Project tasks the bands to create songs and soundscapes using actual recordings from the NASA-launched Voyager space probe. What you get are fan favorites band such as Youth Lagoon, The Antlers, and Beach House creating haunting, gorgeous melodies out of the drone recordings. The songs feel appropriately eerie and expansive. A truly unique recording that deserves a listen from both music fans and aspiring astronauts.

Listen to the wonderful recording Always Forgetting With You (The Bridge Song), made by Spiritualized, who renamed themselves as The Spirtualized Mississippi Space Program embedded below.

The Space Project comes out 4/19 as RSD 2014 exclusive. Go to your local neighborhood record store to purchase it!

space project


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