Cool Stuff: Record Store Day 2014

RSD01Last Saturday marks this year’s annual Record Store Day, the national holiday for vinyl and music lovers everywhere. It personally is one of my favorite days of the year, as the date usually coincides with the start of spring and warmer weather, but also the day is filled with vinyl exclusives, great live music, giveaways, and good vibes.

St Louis is lucky to have two pretty awesome local record stores in Vintage Vinyl and Euclid Records who hold Record Store events all day with live bands and DJs playing outdoors and inside. As with previous years, I spent the day visiting the two stores and chilling my time there.

As Record Store Day has become more and more popular, I have learned to focus less on the vinyl exclusives  and just enjoy the general atmosphere within the stores. To get the most exclusive releases, you would have to line-up outside the store really early (and in some cases, the night before) and would have to spend time in line for 3+ hours. I decided to forgo lining up this year and just came in later in the afternoon to check out the scene. As expected, most of the releases are already gone, though I was able to score for myself The Space Project LP and Haim‘s 12″ single of Forever. By focusing less on the releases, I was able to get to enjoy the scene more and check out the local bands playing.

The popularity of Record Store Day clearly shows the resurgence of physical vinyl and for that I am happy. Another fun Record Store Day is in the books. Long live Record Stores!

Check out photos I took from the day below.




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