Band Discovery: Mutual Benefit

MutualBenefitMutual Benefit is the work of one Jordan Lee. Largely nomadic and vagabond, Lee traveled from Columbus to Austin to St Louis to Boston and finally to Brooklyn, releasing digital EPs and forming the fragments of what eventually will become the music of Mutual Benefit. Whether by Lee himself or through the gathering of like-minded musicians along his travels, the music of Mutual Benefit has the relaxed feel of an amorphous collective with Lee firmly in the center orchestrating. The songs are one of baroque-folk. Yet instead of being impenetrable, it is music that is wide-eyed inviting.  Ever delicate and unabashedly innocent, there is a heartfelt earnestness to the music. It is warm and gentle and oh-so beautiful.

Mutual Benefit released his debut record Love’s Crushing Diamond through the tiny label Soft Eyes in October of last year before his burgeoning popularity caught the attention of New York record store label Other Music, which re-released the album two months later in December. Love’s Crushing Diamond fully displays that textured beauty that Mutual Benefit perfected. I truly adored this record.

If you ever loved the music of Sufjan Stevens or of Youth Lagoon, I guarantee you will love the music of Mutual Benefit. Go check him out immediately.

Watch the video for single Advanced Falconry embedded below.


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