Concert Gallery: Local Natives @ The Pageant

LocalNatives07Last night brought Los Angeles indie rock band Local Natives to wet, rainy St Louis for an exhilarating night of concert. I had the chance to see Local Natives twice already these last ten months, first at Bonnaroo last June then at Loufest here in St Louis in September. For some reason, even after having the chance to see them recently, I had forgotten how good these guys are live. Last night served to remind me of how amazing they were.

Touring on the last legs for their great sophomore record Hummingbird, Local Natives brought the songs from that album and from their debut Gorilla Manor to life with uproarious harmonies and rambunctious instrument playing.  It’s always a thrill to see how the boys of Local Natives gradually build up the songs until things coalesce to a rapturous peak. And when the night close with the whole rowdy crowd singing along to Who Knows Who Cares and then pogoing and raising their palms up for Sun Hands, it was the perfect end to a wild night. No one even remembered there was a storm outside. One of my favorite concerts so far this year.

Watch a video of the band covering an unreleased Johnny Cash song embedded below, as well as photos of the show.


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