Album To Check Out: Ramona Lisa – Arcadia

ramonalisaMost people would know Caroline Polachek as the lead face of the beloved indie band Chairlift. After around a decade of playing bubbly 80s-inspired throwback jingles with Chairlift, it looks like Caroline is ready to venture off for a side project of her own. The result is Ramona Lisa, Caroline Polachek’s very own side alter-ego.

With her debut record Arcadia, Ramona Lisa has created music that draws inspiration from her Chairlift roots but also forges its own path. Polachek created the songs for Arcadia herself on her laptop, recording them while on airports and hotel rooms. Everything is composed in MIDI and it is less bouncy and more gentle than her Chairlift songs. Caroline herself calls it “pastoral electronic music”. Still, they have the same wonderful synth-vibes that fans of Chairlift will find plenty to like.

Ramona Lisa – Arcadia comes out 4/29 via Terrible Records (order here)

Watch the video for the title track Arcadia embedded below.



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