Album To Check Out: Andrew Jackson Jihad – Christmas Island

AJJWhen you hear a name like Andrew Jackson Jihad, you know you are in for something silly and not entirely serious. And that is exactly what you’re going to get with this Phoenix-based quintet. Led by lead singer and guitarist Sean Bonnette and bassist Ben Gallaty, Andrew Jackson Jihad engages in the genre of what they call folk-punk – the music is twangy and acoustic and the singing is brash and heads-on. The subject matter of the songs are often times irreverent but once in a while, they become deadly serious. It will remind you a lot of old school Avett Brothers, before Rick Rubin got his paws on them, albeit with a whole lot more cussing.

Christmas Island, Andrew Jackson Jihad‘s fifth record and first with punk label SideOneDummy, finds the band at their usual rambunctious self. Compared to their earlier records though, it is a lot more self-serious and introspective – more toned-down relative to their usual zaniness. The music is still gritty and raw, you can practically feel the presence of the band as you play the songs. Easily engaging, Christmas Island serves as a great entry point for fans looking for a band with a rowdier sense of folk.

Andrew Jackson Jihad are coming to St Louis. They will be playing at the Firebird on 6/22 (tickets here)

Stream single Linda Ronstandt embedded below.

Andrew Jackson Jihad – Christmas Island comes out 5/6 via SideOneDummy (order here)



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2 Responses to Album To Check Out: Andrew Jackson Jihad – Christmas Island

  1. jojo says:

    Great record. Fascinating and passionately strange. However the most mesmerizing tune “Linda Ronstadt” is according to frontman Sean Bonnette quite literal not as you suggest “tounge in cheek”. He was at a museum in Arizona after being on the road forever and the video installation featuring the country rock legend and Tucson, AZ native just did him in and released a flood of feelings. Love love Andew Jackson Jihad.

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