Album To Check Out: Mirah – Changing Light

mirahIt’s surprising once you think about it, but the Olympia, Washington based musician and songsinger Mirah has been around the music for almost twenty years now. I only started to know more about Mirah on the heels of her innovative dual tour with fellow musician Thao Nguyen a couple of years back. But what I found from discovering her discography – a thoughtful musician fond of folk tweeness and literary allusions – I liked.

Mirah‘s newest record Changing Light is her fifth full-length album. It comes five years after the release of her last solo output (a)spera (her collaborative record with Thao came in between) and amidst the end of difficult personal breakup. We see the results of these events on Changing Light. There is a new hardness in the songs of Changing Light that balances Mirah’s inherent gentleness. It’s bolder and daring yet still remaining distinctly Mirah as she has been over the last 20 years.

Listen to first single Oxen Hope embedded below.

Mirah – Changing Light comes out 5/13 via Absolute Magnitude/K Records (order here)



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