Concert Gallery: Wye Oak w/ Braids @ The Old Rock House

WyeOak09Last night brought Baltimore duo Wye Oak for a chill night of concert. While I have been a fan of Jenn Wasner and Andy Stack’s brand of dark pulsating indie music for a while now, specially their magnificent 2011 album Civilian, I came into the show curious as to how Wye Oak is to perform their newest record Shriek. For you see, Shriek marked a huge departure in how Wye Oak wrote and played their music.  With Shriek, Wasner abandoned her guitars and picked up the bass as her main instrument of choice. Shriek is bass-heavy and (w/ electronic) beats-heavy, a new and different direction for Wye Oak.

Turns out, I really enjoyed this new and different direction. Not only do the new songs sound fantastic, but their relative lightness and levity complemented beautifully with the darkness of the older songs. Wye Oak have always crafted great booming, rock-heavy songs. With Shriek, the band have added a dance dimension to their repertoire.

Montreal trio Braids opened the show. Similar to Wye Oak, Braids have fully changed their musical style with the release of their sophomore record Flourish // Perish by trading away their guitars for electronic synths and beats. In a lot of ways, Braids have become more similar to lead singer Raphaelle Standell-Preston’s other band Blue Hawaii, with their embrace of electronic music. While I missed the old songs of Braids, I must admit that their newer songs translated wonderfully live. The audience agreed as Braids were greatly cheered on by the opening crowd.

Browse photos from the show below, as well as Wye Oak playing Shriek opening track Before.


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