Album To Check Out: Parquet Courts – Sunbathing Animal

parquetcourtsFor the past few months now, Brooklyn indie-rock bank Parquet Courts have steadily been building buzz amongst music critics and fans for their slacker, sneering, guitar-rock music. Composed of brothers Andrew and Max Savage and friends Austin Brown and Sean Yeaton, Parquet Courts combine the best of  the worlds of drunken blues-rock with hammered stoner garage-rock into a singular mind-melding good time for rock and roll in general. First garnering attention with their 2012 sophomore breakthrough LP Light Up Gold, the quartet went through a whirlwind tour in 2013, culminating with a cred-building EP (Tally All the Things That You Broke) and public-introducing performance with Jimmy Fallon. For all intents and purposes, Parquet Courts have announced their arrival.

All that build-up though is totally worth it, for Parquet Courts are now set to release their newest record Sunbathing Animal. And not only is Sunbathing Animal the best record of the band’s young career, it is one of the best records to be released so far this year.

With their earlier records, leadmen Andrew Savage and Austin Brown have always conveyed themselves as the too-cool uncaring slackers with their songs. With Sunbathing Animal though, you get the sense that a real sense of maturity have seeped into the band’s songwriting. There’s a palpable sense of aching emotion creeping behind the boundaries of the band’s ramshackling jangly guitars. None of this is encapsulated more than in the band’s finest song to date – Instant Disassembly, an insightful anthemic rock-ballad that can only be born out of a night of drunken revelry. This song especially, but all of Sunbathing Animal really, is ready-made for sing-alongs for the band’s live performances. Sunbathing Animal is one of the great rock records you will hear this year (and a definitely way-better blues-rock record than the one that the more-popular Black Keys released a couple of weeks back). One of my favorites for the year.

Watch the video for single Black and White embedded below.

Parquet Courts – Sunbathing Animal comes out 6/3 via What’s Your Rapture (order here)



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