Album To Check Out: Austra – Habitat EP

austrapressThe last time we heard from Toronto’s Austra, the dark-synth band has just released their underrated sophomore record Olympia early last year and have trimmed down its roster to a solid three – lead singer Katie Stelmanis, bassist Dorian Wolf, and drummer Maya Postepski. I have made no bones about my love for Austra‘s excellent debut record Feel It Break. And so when I heard that Austra is doing a quick turnaround release for its upcoming EP, still fresh off Olympia‘s release, I was pretty excited for more Austra music.

The new EP, Habitat, is made up of the main title song and three additional instrumental tracks. Habitat the song is actually an old fan-favorite created by the band back during the Feel It Break album cycle and has been played live numerous times by the band at its shows. Fans of Austra were expecting it to appear on Olympia and were thus a bit disappointed when it didn’t. Habitat the EP then is the band’s attempt to appease these fans who wanted a recorded version of this track.

As can be expected from an Austra track and especially one created during Feel It Break‘s cycle, Habitat is dark, ghostly, and moody. Stelmanis’ operatic voice carries with it an eariness amongst the haunting synths. It is easily the highlight of the EP specifically since the other tracks lacks the trademark weight of Stelmanis’ vocals. Still the Habitat EP is a pleasing midsnack for Austra fans wanting more.

Watch the video for the title track Habitat embedded below.

Austra – Habitat EP comes out 6/17 via Domino (order here)



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