Concert Gallery: Cloud Nothings @ The Luminary

CloudNothings10Last night brought Cleveland’s Cloud Nothings to The Luminary in St Louis for a wild night of punk rock. Starting out as a solo garage rock effort from leadman Dylan Baldi, Cloud Nothings have morphed into one of the premier punk bands of the indie scene. Baldi has always had the gift to pen ridiculously infectious melodies into his songs, but last night Baldi showed that he and his band are very much a full-on punk band than just a pop-punk one.

This punk side was in full display last night as the band had the excited crowd rocking their bodies out. And what a crowd it was! A rowdy mosh pit easily formed early up front and pretty soon hard pogo-ing, stage dives, and crowd surfing were being had by the rapturously joyful crowd even as the band played on, seemingly unaffected by all that is going on. One of the most fun shows I’ve been to in awhile!

Openers The Wytches from Brighton, England serve up their own brand of psychedelic punk to warm up the mood of the early crowd. Much heavier than Cloud Nothings, The Wytches nonetheless were able to get the kids up front to do some serious head banging.

Browse photos taken from the show below as well as Cloud Nothings performing their stellar single I’m Not Part Of Me to close out the show.


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