Album To Check Out: Jenny Lewis – The Voyager

jenny_lewisIf you have been following my blog for awhile now, you would probably know that one of my favorite bands of all time is Rilo Kiley, the seminal Los Angeles-based 2000s band led by Jenny Lewis and Blake Sennett. Rilo Kiley guided me through my teenage and early 20s with their take on existential angst even as I dealt with my own growing pains. All of these is led by the sweetly acerbic tongue of Lewis, who sings the most delightful cuss words I have ever heard on song.

Rilo Kiley, as we know, have broken up, but Jenny Lewis the singer still lives on. Even whilst with Rilo Kiley, Lewis has already scratched her solo-itch and released two alt-country inspired records – the great Rabbit Fur Coat and the okay Acid Tongue. She has also released a duet record with boyfriend Jonathan Rice as Jenny and Johnny after the band’s break-up. As much as I love Rabbit Fur Coat though, I do think that none of Lewis’s solo records have reached the heights offered by Rilo Kiley. Still, the sweet tartness of Jenny Lewis‘s voice and her ability to adapt to different genres keeps me coming back to listen.

With her newest solo record The Voyager coming out, Jenny Lewis has proven once again of her ability to adapt. The Voyager, for all intents, is Lewis’s most pop-oriented record to date. It is also one of her most enjoyable solo efforts. Forgoing the alt-country sound she embraced a decade ago, Lewis instead decamped with producers and songwriters such as Ryan Adams and Beck to be produced a record that feels timeless in its approach. The Voyager traces the journey of Jenny Lewis in its soundscape -from the bubbling youth of Rilo Kiley to the good-time commercial pop appeal of Jenny and Johnny. The Voyager is thus aptly titled. It is Jenny Lewis‘s journey to the here and now.

Watch the fun video for single Just One Of The Guys as Jenny jams with a bunch of celebrities.

Jenny Lewis – The Voyager comes out 7/29 via Warner Bros (order here)



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