Album To Check Out: FKA Twigs – LP1

fkatwigsFKA Twigs is Tahliah Barnett, the 26 year old Gloucestershire-born London-based British musician and dancer. Her name came about due to her tendency to have her joints cracks whenever she is dancing, hence the moniker “Twigs” (FKA is “Formerly Known As”).

FKA Twigs first came to the public’s consciousness with the twin release of her EPs, the aptly descriptive EP1 and EP2. The tracks from the EPs treated listeners to a mysteriously dark trip-hop beat. Glitchedly robotic yet wildly atmospheric, FKA Twigs‘ music has that sort of entrancing appeal that makes you want to lose yourself to its beats. The twin EPs only served to whet the public’s appetite for the singer and her music.

With her debut record, the equally aptly titled LP1, finally coming out, FKA Twigs finally allows the listeners to get more of what they want. Expanding her arsenal to beyond trip-hop and including a dark mix of electro-pop and RnB, FKA Twigs has crafted an LP that fulfills the promise shown by her earlier previews. With just the right amount of minimalism, LP1 is a bewitching pop project that heralds the future of what great pop music can be.

Watch the video for first single Two Weeks embedded below.

FKA Twigs – LP1 comes out 8/12 via Young Turks (order here)



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