Album To Check Out: Porter Robinson – Worlds

Porter_RobinsonIf you have been following my blog for a while now, you would know that I’m not really a big fan of the EDM scene. Truth be told, the chest-thumping, bass-dropping, overtly aggressive music of the American EDM dub-step scene is just a little too much for me, and not something I find entirely appealing at all.

Which is with some surprise that my newest post is about one of American EDM’s shining young stars – the 22-year old North Carolina-born Porter Robinson, one time protegee of EDM king Skrillex. When Robinson first started out, back in 2011, his EPs and remixes have that rough aggressive edge of many a EDM tracks. But somewhere between, a change occurred. Robinson’s tracks became softer – more immersive and atmospheric. This is most evident as Robinson gets ready to release his first full studio record, Worlds.

In a lot of ways, Worlds doesn’t feel like an EDM record, but rather one that grew from the indie electro-pop scene. Its touchstones are obvious, Worlds will remind you a lot of the recent albums by bands such as M83 and Passion Pit, which probably explains why I enjoyed the record. Robinson have talked about how he created Worlds as a way to recreate the massive gaming worlds  you can lost yourself to. And in a lot of ways, the album just does that. You definitely feel like you are in Worlds‘ own immersive environment as you listen to the record. Hopefully, worlds will start a whole new trend for the future of EDM.

Watch the video for lead track Lionhearted embedded below.

Porter Robinson – Worlds comes out 8/12 via Astralwerks (order here)



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