Album To Check Out: Bishop Allen – Lights Out

bishopallenI have always thought of Bishop Allen as one of those quintessential early-2000s bands. The music they make is effervescently charming and melodiously tweeful. They are one of those bands whose songs you could imagine soundtracking every one of those colorful Apple ads (back when they were still cutesy). And for awhile, Bishop Allen was everywhere, even releasing a song a month for a 2006 EP. But then the band disappeared. Bishop Allen last released a record in 2009 before effectively going into hiding. Being so strongly associated with the early aughts, I thought they would fade away with the decade they were so strongly identified with.

I was wrong, for Bishop Allen are now back with a new record, Lights Out. And from the sound of the new album, it feels like Bishop Allen never left at all. Relocating from Brooklyn to their new borough of Kingston, Bishop Allen reinvigorated themselves and came back with songs that are just as ear-wormingly catchy as they have ever been. It’s easy for me to be cynical and complain that Bishop Allen hasn’t changed in-between the intervening years that they were gone. But the songs of Lights Out are just so light-heartedly charming that I can’t help but smile as I listen to the songs. It made me nostalgically happy for the early aughts.

Bishop Allen are coming to St Louis. They will be playing at The Firebird on 9/3 (tickets here)

Watch the video for first single Start Again embedded below.

Bishop Allen – Lights Out comes out 8/19 via Dead Oceans (order here)



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