Concert Gallery: Nickel Creek @ The Pageant

NickelCreek08Last night brought the ever popular bluegrass group Nickel Creek to St Louis as part of their reunion tour. Having disbanded back in 2007, it can be safely said that for many of their fans, this wildly anticipated reunion tour has been a long time coming. And it shows. Nickel Creek have a lot of longtime and hardcore fans, and even before doors were set to open at 7, people were already lining outside the doors way beforehand.

And once Nickel Creek were back onstage, it was like they have never been gone at all. The warm camaraderie, the inside jokes, the familial bonds – they were all ever present as the old gang are back together. You have Chris Thile, ever the virtuoso mandolin player and all-around jokester. You have Sara Watkins, master of the fiddle and gleefully bouncing around on stage. And you have Sean Watkins, content to be more in the background but carefully keeping everything and everyone together with his guitar. Even their fourth player, Mark Schatz, got in on the act with some hand-clappings, tap-dancing, and timely elephant jokes. It was grand ole fun for all involved – the fans loved it but more importantly Nickel Creek themselves are having a heck of a great time. It was like welcoming back long-lost members of your family.

The young bluegrass singer Sarah Jarosz opened the show. Having performed in St Louis multiple times before, Jarosz has already quite a fanbase in town. She easily charmed those unfamiliar with daft picking skills and mature voice that belies her young age.

Browse the gallery of photos taken from the show below and watch a video of Nickel Creek performing their song Rest of My Life from their new record A Dotted Line embedded below.


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