Album To Check Out: J Mascis – Tied To A Star

j_mascis_03The great guitarist and singer J Mascis is known to be a legend among the indie rock circle, especially for his guitar skills. More specifically, Mascis is known for his work with his band Dinosaur Jr, where he presides over the type of rock music whose amp is turned way up to 11 and who produces the type of rock music that is skull-crushingly loud and head-bangingly intense.

It is with great curiosity then when J Mascis realeased a quiet little acoustic record called Several Shades of Why in 2011. That record was an underrated gem, proving that Mascis can just as easily master the peaceful strummings of an acoustic song just as well as the massive riffs of a rock song.

With his newest record Tied To A Star, J Mascis is back at it again, offering a direct follow-up to Several Shades Of Why. Tied To A Star once again shows the fragile beauty of not only Masic’s instricate guitar week, but also the peaceful, quavering, beauty of his falsetto. Another relaxing little gem from the master of the rock.

J Mascis will be coming to St Louis. He will be playing at Off Broadway on 10/5 (tickets here)

Take a listen to the single Wide Awake where J Mascis duets with Cat Power embedded below.

J Mascis – Tied To A Star comes out 8/26 via Subpop (order here)



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