Album To Check Out: Mr Twin Sister – Mr Twin Sister

mrtwinsisterbandWhen Mr Twin Sister first formed back in 2008, they were originally called by the more un-googleable name of Twin Sister. Led by singer Andrea Estella, the quintet from Long Island was easily able to build early buzz based off their two EPs (Vampires With Dreaming Kids and Color Your Life) and the fantastic single All Around And Away We Go. With a dreamy 80-s inspired Cocteau Twins vibe, Twin Sister seemed at the time of the debut to be one of the more promising new young bands to hit the scene.

Looking back at it now, a lot of the young bands at that time (Twin Sister included) all adopted that hazy chill-wave sound –  a sound that seems so representative of music being produced at the turn of the decade but in retrospect, seems a bit kitschy and dated now. In some ways, I think Twin Sister felt the same way. Because after three years of absence, Twin Sister have reinvented themselves as Mr Twin Sister and are back with a new self-titled record.

More than just a reinvention, the new Mr Twin Sister represents a growth and evolution of Twin Sister. The new songs from the album still have that hazy, dreamy quality from before, but they are also more complex and in a lot of ways, more mature and confident. Adopting a more Euro-based dance sound, Mr Twin Sister the record is more sonically challenging and as a result, feels more complete. In the years since they’ve been gone, it seems Mr Twin Sister have gone out and found a superior version of themselves, gifting us with a great new record in the process.

Listen to single In The House of Yes embedded below.

Mr Twin Sister – Mr Twin Sister comes out 9/23 via Infinite Best/Twin Group (order here)



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