Album To Check Out: Electric Youth – Innerworld

electricyouthOne of the most enduring soundtracks that came out during 2011 was for the Nicolas Winding Refn-directed Ryan Gosling-starring crime thriller Drive. Amidst the magnificently tense score by composer Cliff Martinez stands the highlight track A Real Hero. The song soundtracked the quiet moments of Gosling’s unnamed Driver cruising around the barren Los Angeles landscaped with Carey Mulligan’s Irene. In that quiet moment, you can sense all the thrill of romanticism that is at the heart of Drive – not just between Gosling and Mulligan, but between the film and the city and the adventure that awaits. It was one of my favorite soundtrack moments ever on film.

The band responsible for A Real Hero is real-life couple Austin Garrick and Bronwyn Griffin also known as Electric Youth. Having known each other since sixth grade (and having been a couple since eighth grade), Garrick and Griffin have collaborated to create 80’s-inspired synth-driven music that is beholden to the ideas of romance and innocence.

Their debut record Innerworld reflects just those ideals. A Real Hero (which actually had its origins back in 2009 when Garrick and Griffin were inspired by the heroics of Captain Sullenberger who successfully landed US Airways Flight 1549 in the Hudson) finds its way here and is still the definite highlight. But the rest of Innerworld is just as ethereally moving and satisfying. Innerworld feels like a lost capsule from those epic soundtracks of the 80s and given how much I loved those soundtracks, you can imagine the great enjoyment I have from the record.

Watch the video for single Innocence embedded below.

Electric Youth – Innerworld comes out 9/30 via Secretly Canadian (order here)



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