Concert Gallery: Allo Darlin’ @ Glasslands Gallery

AlloDarlin09Last Friday night, the UK quartet of Allo Darlin’  visited our American shores to play at the Glasslands Gallery in Brooklyn for the start of their US tour behind their latest album We Come From The Same Place. Given that Allo Darlin’ never makes it out to St Louis (where I’m from) to tour, I sadly have never seen the band play live before. This is unfortunate for me as I have adored Allo Darlin’ since their debut back in 2010. Happily though, it was with terrific coincidence that I was in New York City last weekend on vacation, so I gladly took the metro to the other side of the Hudson to finally see the band play for the first time.

Just as with their records, Allo Darlin’ plays their songs live with a great full of charm. In person, it was wonderful to see how much joy lead singer Elizabeth Morris and her mates guitarist Paul Rains, bassist Bill Botting, and drummer Michael Collins exude on stage. They were literally jumping on stage with joy singing their songs, their energy and smiles infectiously so. The band mostly played songs from the new record, but were still able to sprinkle in some of their beloved older songs. Given how much I enjoyed their new record and thought it one, if not their best, I was glad for this setlist. All in all, it was wonderful, nostalgic-filled night that filled me with happiness – so appropriate for my first time seeing Allo Darlin’.

Browse pictures from the show taken below as well as a video of the band playing Kings and Queens off their new record.


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