Concert Gallery: Charli XCX @ The Ready Room

CharliXCX20Last night brought the UK’s rising pop sensation Charli XCX to St Louis for a show at The Ready Room. Touring behind her upcoming much highly-anticipated sophomore record Sucker, Charli’s star has been steadily rising for a bit now. She first gained great attention after penning last year’s ubiquitous summer hit I Love It for Swedish duo Icona Pop. And earlier this summer, Charli sang chorus on the biggest song for this calendar year – Iggy Azelia‘s Fancy. It wasn’t until her song Boom Clap though, after it featured on the teen-drama summer movie The Fault In Our Stars that the spotlight fell solely on Charli XCX.

With Boom ClapCharli XCX finally got the attention she deserves. Having been a fan of her work since her 2011 single Nuclear Seasons, I always felt that Charli fits perfectly with how today’s pop stars should be. With a gift for writing ear-catching melodies and a flair for showmanship on stage, Charli XCX has all the presence to be a star.

And finally she is. So for show in St Louis, Charli XCX showed her fans whyt she belonged to be with the stars. Backed by an all-female band, Charli came out in stage in style -with shades and attitude. Showing equal measures sass with her rock anthems and vulnerability with her ballads, Charli treated the fans to a huge 18 song set, a majority of which a preview of her new songs from Sucker (but also covers of I Love It and Fancy, which Charli rapped!).

And about those new songs, I was afraid for a while that with her newfound success with Boom Clap that Charli would abandon the darker goth-pop elements found in her earlier songs and go straight pop. I was so glad that my fears were unfounded. The new songs from Sucker maintain the edge that all Charli XCX songs possess and yet still give off the catchiest choruses found in pop songs today. What a treat of a show!

Browse photos taken from the show below (including a selfie that Charli took on my phone!) and watch a video of Charli XCX performing the title track from Sucker.


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