Album To Check Out: Stars – No One Is Lost

starsFor over a decade now, the Toronto, Canada quintet of Stars have entertained indie fans with their brand of heart-on-sleeve romantic songs. Through six records, lead singers and main co-writers Torquil Campbell and Amy Millan have crafted some of the most pop-perfect love songs that isn’t heard on radio. They seem to touch on the perfect balance of nostalgia and longing. I made no secret that their 2004 breakout record Set Yourself On Fire is one of my favorite records of all time.

It seems to me that Stars have always made two kinds of records. The first would be the more upbeat records that are full of energy. Set Yourself On Fire falls in this category. The second would be the more somber records that yearns about lost loves and times. Their past three most recent records ending with 2012’s The North follow this mood.

With their newest record No One Is Lost, Stars goes back to the more energetic template. No One Is Lost is a full-on celebratory dancing record built on heavy synths and a distinctive disco-flavored vibe, fulfilling the Stars-styled nostalgia-colored filter. While I love the sadder, heart-breaking Stars songs, it is a welcome to have a record from the band that is once again bursting forth with joy and dance.

Stars are coming to St Louis. They will be playing at The Old Rock House on 11/18 (tickets here)

Watch the video for lead single From The Night embedded below.

Stars – No One Is Lost comes out 10/14 via ATO Records (order here)



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