Album To Check Out: Charli XCX – Sucker

charlixcxPop success hasn’t always come easy for Charli XCX. Even before as late as this summer, Charli XCX was more of an unknown quantity to the general public. Even worse, for those who are familiar with her, Charli has always been thought of as a sidekick. Due to the ubiquitous popularity of Icona Pop‘s I Love It (which Charli wrote) and of Iggy Azelia‘s Fancy (which had Chali singing the best hooks), Charli has always been known more as a singer who is always in another’s shadow – more famous for her collaborations than her own hits.

As someone who has followed Charli since early days and one who loved her early singles and her first major label record True Romance, I was frustrated that Charli wasn’t getting the proper recognition she deserves. Gifted with an ear for writing great hooks, Charli XCX writes songs that are instantly catchy. That’s why it befuddled me to no end when True Romance didn’t gain much pop traction despite being well-loved by critics.

It wasn’t until fall’s Boom Clap, written as part of the soundtrack for teen tear-jerker movie The Fault In Our Stars that Charli XCX found a general hit on her hands. And justly deserved so, Boom Clap is, in my honest opinion, one of the best pop songs written this year with its melancholic tone echoed through its “booming” bass. That song convinced Charli to give another shot at creating a hit record and this time, it’ll be played by her rules.

The result is Sucker, Charli’s sophomore record and one that is set to finally position her as one of pop’s rising queens. While it veered away from the moody darkness of True Romance, Sucker retains all of the former’s hooks and glitz. Unapolgetically loud and more than a little bratty, Sucker gets in your face to let you know who runs this record. While I prefer the darkness of True Romance, there’s no question Sucker is an incredibly enjoyable record, especially when you consider some of the deep cuts (the River Cuomo-written Hanging Around is a special treat, especially for Weezer fans). Charli XCX‘s time has come and the mass public will and should embrace our new pop queen.

Check out the video for single Break the Rules embedded below.

Charli XCX – Sucker comes out 12/15 via Atlantic (order here)





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