New Life in Indie Music.

Within you will find fresh-faced bands and newly released albums that I recommend, (St Louis) concert announcements that excite me (and photos after I attend said concerts), nostalgic ramblings of albums that have influenced my musical tastes, as well as any musically related nick-knacks that have caught my fancy.

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And if you know where the name of this blog came from, you are exactly my kind of audience (Hint: it’s from a Rilo Kiley song).



5 Responses to About

  1. Hey! Is there an email address I can contact you at to send you new music? Just let me know! yosarah8@gmail.com. Thanks! -Sarah

  2. whatthemom says:

    If you like new music, give this a try when you have a few minutes, it’s my husband’s latest project:

  3. whatthemom says:

    Hi – you know I love this blog! Here’s the new release “The Catcher” available today off the album “Code” from my husband Rohit Colin Rao. Please spread the word – here’s a link to the video:

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