Album To Check Out: La Roux – Trouble In Paradise

larouxThe London synth-pop act known as La Roux made quite an impression with their self-titled debut back in 2009. Composed of singer and keyboardist Elly Jackson and producer Ben Langmaid, La Roux made ample use of the best parts of 80s synth-pop beats and created songs that are filled with guilt-free pleasures. La Roux quickly shot up the charts in their native UK and made quite a dent in the US music market.

After that big opening impression though, nothing. Except for the various music  collaborations in 2010, La Roux slowly started disappearing from the public eye, stating simply that they are still carefully working on a follow-up to their smash debut record.  Now after a five year wait, we finally have news that La Roux’s sophomore album, Trouble In Paradise, is finally ready for release.

In the follow-up news leading to Trouble In Paradise‘s release though, we found out that Langmaid has officially left the band, though his song-writing imprints are still all over most of the album. La Roux, as of right now, is a solo showcase for Elly Jackson. Even with Langmaid though, Trouble In Paradise hits all the sweet spots of what you would expect from a La Roux record. It’s decidedly more playful in tone overall, but there are spots that remind you of the moody swoons of the eponymous debut. The spotlight is definitely on Elly Jackson and she’s here to remind everyone of  why La Roux is still a big deal five years later.

Watch the video for single Let Me Down Gently embedded below.

La Roux – Trouble In Paradise comes out 7/22 via Polydor (order here)



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